One Extraordinary Creative Force Building Modern Mixed-use Communities with Lasting Appeal

Merging proven expertise and substantial resources with a forward-leaning, agile approach, Meyers Accesso is the ultimate source for streamlined real estate investments – residential and mixed-use properties that yield long-term benefits for everyone involved.

Building modern communities requires a modern sensibility. Smart, nimble, creative – these are the characteristics of the team behind the name. With a diverse portfolio that includes developing and managing residential apartments and condominiums, Meyers Accesso is an industry leader in top tier markets across the U.S.

We’re building forward together with extensive resources and trusted partnerships to customize properties for modern residents in the communities we serve. Our proven real estate expertise continues to deliver significant returns to U.S., international, and institutional investors.

Our Services

Expert Development

The design of ground-up developments involves a highly specialized set of skills to yield brand new properties with modern and convenient spaces to live. From the early phases of project identification, financial sourcing and negotiating with regulatory agencies, to the hands-on process of designing engineering plans, building infrastructure and finishing construction, our experienced teams are highly qualified to manage every project we initiate.

Strategic Partnerships & Investment

Throughout our history, we’ve established strong working relationships with both institutional and individual investors, brokers, and service providers. These trusted partnerships are at the core of our business model and allow us to maximize the value of our properties. Leveraging our impressive record of superior returns gives us the ability to unlock real estate opportunities with integrity.

Property Management

Our investment in relationship-building extends beyond the B2B side of operations to our residents, who remain our top priority. With expertise in a variety of service sectors including retail, hospitality, and office, we understand what truly matters most to our tenants. This insight allows us to ensure happiness and loyalty among residents and customers, as well as our team members.

Avery Dania

Why Multifamily Real Estate?

Cash Flow

Multifamily offers investors the benefit of positive cash flow from rental income as the property builds equity. Current cash yields exceed other investment types.


There is an unprecedented amount of capital focused on Multifamily, making it the most liquid, and desired, real estate asset class of all.

Cycle Risk

Multifamily fundamentals tend to withstand economic downturns better than other investment classes, which makes apartments an attractive option for investors.

Tax Advantages

Benefits of income producing real estate investments include the ability to offset the taxable impact on cash flows by the property’s depreciation and delay a significant portion of the income tax liability.*


Short term leases and zero tenant concentration mitigates risk from dependence on a single tenant, positively impacting the property’s performance and lessening investment risk relative to other income producing real estate alternatives.

Market Volatility

Apartment rents are less volatile than rents for other commercial property types as rents are “marked to market” annually.


Real estate, particularly multifamily, has historically been viewed as a hedge against inflation. In inflationary times, the value of real property appreciates, while the rent tenants pay is indexed to inflation, increasing yearly during lease renewals and enabling the income generated by the investment property to keep pace with the general rise in prices across the economy.

Tenant Mix

Diverse resident backgrounds and jobs mitigate the landlord’s dependence on one specific company or job market.

Landlord Dynamics

Landlord has stronger leverage in the landlord / tenant relationship.