Meyers Group eyes massive entertainment district near Disney World

The Real Deal

By Quinn Donaghue

March 19, 2024

Orlando is already loaded with entertainment offerings, but that isn’t stopping Meyers Group from embarking on an ambitious project to stand out among the likes of Disney World.

The Miami-based firm, headed by Stuart Meyers, wants to redevelop a 77-acre abandoned hotel site, long considered an eyesore in Osceola County’s tourism corridor, into a sprawling entertainment district called the Ovation, the Orlando Sentinel reported

The property, owned by New York-based Fortuna Realty, is located at the Interstate 4 interchange with U.S. Highway 192 in Kissimmee, minutes away from Disney World. The project falls under the county’s W192 Plan, which aims to revitalize the tourism district from the Osceola-Polk County line to Hoagland Boulevard through the creation of eight subdistricts. 

The Ovation is slated for three luxury hotels with a total of 675 rooms, two parking garages accommodating 4,200 vehicles and 700,000 square feet of restaurants, retail and entertainment, including a 175-foot-tall Ferris wheel. 

“It’s a location and a project that seems to attract all the big names that you want, versus kind of what’s currently available in Orlando — and there’s a lot of good stuff, but nothing quite like this,” Meyers Group’s Bill Shewalter told the outlet.

The developer filed plans with Osceola County last week, tweaking its original proposal after receiving feedback from officials. The initial plan called for 1,150 multifamily units, a component that’s been scrapped completely in favor of hotel rooms.

As seen in updated renderings, the Ovation’s main complex would comprise two rows of buildings, linked by a central promenade with landscaping, event lawns and shaded pavilions. The tallest structure on site would be a 350-room full-service hotel that will be at least four stars. 

There will be 182,000 square feet of restaurants plus 186,000 square feet of cocktail lounges and bars, many of which will be nestled along the south side of the promenade with terraces overlooking a 4-acre pond. 

While the Ovation is meant to be somewhat family friendly, the tenant mix will reflect a “more grown up” vibe, with an emphasis on upscale dining establishments and trendy entertainment venues.

County officials lauded the project as a catalyst for revitalization, echoing sentiments of support for the transformative endeavor.